Adam N. Smith
Assistant Professor of Marketing
University College London


Inference for Product Competition and Separable Demand
with Peter Rossi and Greg Allenby, Marketing Science, forthcoming

Demand Models with Random Partitions
with Greg Allenby, Journal of the American Statistical Association, forthcoming

Working Papers

An Integrated Model for Discontinuous Preference Change and Satiation
with Nobuhiko Terui, Shohei Hasegawa, and Greg Allenby

We develop a model of horizontal and temporal variety seeking using a dynamic factor model that relates attribute satiation to brand attributes. The factor model employs a threshold specification that triggers preference changes when customer satiation exceeds an admissible level but does not change otherwise. The factor model is developed for high dimensional switching data encountered when multiple brands are purchased across multiple time periods. The model is applied to two scanner-panel datasets where we find distinct shifts in consumer preferences over time where consumers are found to value variety much more than indicated by traditional models. Insights into brand preference are provided by a dynamic joint space map that displays brand positions and temporal changes in consumer preferences over time.