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  1. Inference for Product Competition and Separable Demand
    Marketing Science, 2019 (with P. Rossi and G. Allenby)

  2. Demand Models with Random Partitions
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2020 (with G. Allenby)

  3. Invited Discussion“Centered Partition Processes: Informative Priors for Clustering”
    Bayesian Analysis, 2021

  4. Optimal Price Targeting
    Marketing Science, 2023 (with S. Seiler and I. Aggarwal)

  5. Shrinkage Priors for High-Dimensional Demand Estimation
    Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2023 (with J. Griffin)

  6. Outside Good Utility and Substitution Patterns in Direct Utility Models
    Journal of Choice Modelling, 2023 (with C. Kim, J. Kim, and G. Allenby)

  7. Boundaries of Differentiated Product Markets and Retailer Pricing
    (with G. Compiani)

  8. Constrained Heterogeneity
    (with T. Kosyakova, M. Pachali, and T. Otter)

  9. Learned Complementarity
    (with D. Ershov and M. Pachali)