Assistant Professor of Marketing
UCL School of Management
University College London

Curriculum Vitae
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  1. Inference for Product Competition and Separable Demand
    Marketing Science, with Peter Rossi and Greg Allenby (2019)
    [online appendix]

  2. Demand Models with Random Partitions
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, with Greg Allenby (2020)
    [online appendix] [code]

  3. Discussion of “Centered Partition Processes: Informative Priors for Clustering”
    Bayesian Analysis (2021)


  1. Optimal Price Targeting
    with Stephan Seiler and Ishant Aggarwal (April 2021)

  2. Shrinkage Priors for High-Dimensional Demand Estimation
    with Jim Griffin (April 2021)

  3. Capturing Flexible Price Elasticities in Direct Utility Models
    with Chul Kim, Jaehwan Kim, and Greg Allenby (March 2020)

  4. Integrated Factor Models of Variety Seeking Dynamics
    with Yinxing Li, Shohei Hasegawa, Nobuhiko Terui, and Greg Allenby (August 2020)

  5. Learned Complementarity
    with Daniel Ershov

  6. Boundaries of Differentiated Product Markets and Retailer Pricing
    with Giovanni Compiani

  7. Constrained Heterogeneity
    with Tetyana Kosyakova, Thomas Otter, and Max Pachali


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